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C. Maxx Stevens, Unveiling

C. Maxx Stevens, Unveiling. 2003

C. Maxx Stevens

The current issues in the Native community is what inspires Stevens to produce the work she creates.  She uses installations as a vehicle to tell her stories in the sense of being a contemporary visual storyteller.  She feels her works speaks of the importance of cultural values as well as being an artist in the contemporary art community.  Using common objects to communicate home, education, traditions and modern life as any person living in todays society yet with a twist of irony that one would view from the Native people perceptions and relationship with the world around them.  Traditionally the storyteller tells stories that touches the listener as well as educating them, she see her installations as being part of that tradition.


She has exhibited in the Boise Art Museum, the Smithsonian Museum and the Hood Museum at Dartmouth University.  Her work has also been included in the group exhibition Reservation X which was curated by Gerald McMasters.

Stevens is a member of the Seminole Nations who was born in Wewoka, Oklahoma and grew up in Wichita Kansas.  She attended Haskell Indian Junior College, Wichita State University and received her Master of Fine Arts degree from Indiana University in 1987.  Her work encompasses both sculpture and installation.


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