James Luna & Guillermo Gomez-Pena, La Nostalgia Remix

Mar 3, 2012 |
La Nostalgia Remix

A New Performance Series by Guillermo Gomez-Pena and James Luna Two extreme performance artists and shamans decide to become lounge entertainers and share their bizarre performance art with new audiences in an attempt to jumpstart a new religion for cultural outsiders.  Master artists James Luna and Guillermo Gomez -Pena will challenge and inspire their audiences … read more

Artist Mentorship, 2009

Jun 16, 2011 |
scyap residency

Tribe sponsored a mentorshop for young emerging artist Lynda Flett to work with established artist Cheryl Buckmaster.  This included studio work, critical feed back and guidance with different painting techniques.  Lynda will finish her mentorship with an exhibition hosted by Saskatoon Community Art Programming.

Mary Anne Barkhouse, Boreal Baroque

Jun 14, 2011 |
Boreal Baroque

In Mary Anne Barkhouse’s Boreal Baroque, the work’s setting is inspired by the palatial grounds at Versailles where the wild is juxtaposed with the wildly opulent. Boreal Baroque is a touring exhibition featuring the work of nationally acclaimed artist Mary Anne Barkhouse. The exhibition incorporates exquisite carvings of all kinds of Boreal animals, including the … read more

High Tech Storytellers Festival, 2000

May 6, 2011 |
High Tech Storytellers Festival

High Tech Storytellers Festival was hosted by Tribe in Saskatoon from May 22-27, 2000.  The Festival explored a central theme of contemporary artists who use storytelling with technology as a creative medium.  Invited artists included Rebecca Belmore, James Luna, Edward Poitras and Lori Wiedenhammer and three Saskatchewan based artists Cheli Nighttraveller, Carolyn Mieli and Steve … read more

Hide Tanning Worshop, 2010

May 6, 2011 |
Hide Tanning Workshop

This workshop is open to anyone interested in learning how to tan a hide. It takes roughly 5 days to complete this process and you will be guided through it step by step.  The cost is $100 and this includes the cost of the hide as well as your food for 5 days.  Bring camping … read more

Cecile Brass, The Rebirthing Project, 2011

May 3, 2011 |
The Rebirthing Project

  This spring, OPTICA begins a series of exhibitions dealing with the gallery’s history by broaching the culture of artist groups and art centres. This project, curated by Lori Blondeau, will present a selection of archival documents (videos and photographs) relating the history of TRIBE, A Center for Evolving Aboriginal Media, Visual and Performing Arts, … read more

Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa, Nu Muxum, Nu Nim-Mam/ My Navel, My Great-Grandfather

Mar 23, 2011 |

Naufus Ramirez-Figuero,  Nu Muxum, Nu Nim-Mam / My Navel, My Great-Grandfather. 2006 Nu Muxux, Nu Nim-Mam / My Navel, My Great -Grandfather is a process-based performance inspired by stories of the artist’s great-grandfather, Simeon de la Cruz, who was a ceremonial dancer and active figure in the Quiche and Ladino community of Joyabaj, Guatemala. The … read more

Rebecca Belmore, Temperance

Feb 14, 2011 |

Rebecca Belmore, Temperance. 2004 Rebecca Belmore is an Anishnabe artist who lives and works in Vancouver B.C.   Belmore did a residency with Tribe which finished with a new installation.  Her installations/performances are about her Native heritage and challenge the notions and constraints of Eurocentric definitions of art and society.  Her work has been presented … read more

Skeena Reece, MOVE

Dec 17, 2010 |

Skeena Reece, Move. 2010

This Is No Game – A Mini Performance Festival

Dec 8, 2010 |
This Is No Game

Simon Laroche, Etienne Grenier and David Lemieux. 2008 Robin Brass.2008 Robin Brass.2008 Terrance Houle. 2008 Terrance Houle. 2008