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Hulleah Tsinhnajinnie, An Aboriginal World View

Hulleah Tsinhnajinnie, An Aboriginal World View. October 2001

This exhibition of digitized photographs was in partnership with T.P.G. and marks her Canadian debut.  Hulleah Tsinhnajinnie (Navajo/Creek/Seminole) is an American artist, writer and filmmaker hailing from Phoenix Arizona.  In this body of work, Hulleah employs found photographs, overlaying images with text and/or other images that comment on the content of the picture. She often uses turn of the century studio portraits of Native Americans which, in combination with the texts, refer the viewer to the past.  They suggest pressure to assimilate from one culture into another and through that process, the loss of the particularness of language, identity and history.  Hulleah processes the images through digitization, in effect re-mastering the images, re-capturing the content, then reformatting the message to bend the original to her own ends.  For Hulleah,  photographs are lessons and photography is a way to keep Native communities strong with their visions

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