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Mary Anne Barkhouse, Some Like it Shot

Mary Anne Barkhouse, Some Like it Shot. 2000.

Co-presented by AKA, this is the first Saskatchewan exhibition by First Nations artist Mary Anne Barkhouse.  Animals, usually wild, are frequent images in Barkhouses multimedia works.  Bo observing animals in their natural,  sometimes controlled environments, she reveals the adverse effect human behavior has had on our physical and social world.  Her new work will further explore from a personal perspective, the diversity of influences and pressures that are exerted upon aboriginal individuals and subsequent social and political choices that we must make at this point in time.  A descendant of a long line of artists from the Nimpkish band, Kwagiutl Nation of Alert Bay, Barkhouse is now based in Ontario.

James Luna, The Chapel of the Sacred Colours

James Luna, performance: The Chapel of the Sacred Colours. 2000

James Luna is a conceptual and performance artist, who forces viewers to reexamine Indian lives through the eyes of the Indian.  Luna, an expert at parodies throws Indian stereotypes back in the viewers faces and uses himself as a two way mirror, to view himself as well as show ourselves as we are.  He uses humor and irony (much like story tellers of previous generations) to relate stories without romance or cliche.