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Tribe and SAVAC present: Define Indian Panel, 2005

Define Indian Panel, 2005.

Define Indian is an evolving series of panel discussions that fosters an inter-communal dialogue between South Asian and First Nations arts communities.  Connected to the practice and process of education, these discussions are set in academic institutions across Canada.  Tribe and Savac (South Asian Visual Arts Collective) sent out a call for Artists, Curators or anyone interested to answer a questionnaire designed to address the similar status between the First Nations South Asian arts communities.  SAVAC and TRIBE collaborated in order to bring forth recognition of their similar status as artist-run centres without a gallery space and as artist-run centres that serve specific cultural communities.  The dialogue from these panel discussions started the building blocks of our ongoing relationship between the two communities. This even took place at Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver.  The two panels consisted of artists from both cultural communities.

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