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Shelley Niro, Taste of Heaven


Shelley Niro, Taste of Heaven. 1999

Taste of Heaven,  a solo exhibition by artist Shelley Niro.  Integral to the exhibition was visual memory landscape as symbol.  Particularly cogent to aboriginal peoples in a contemporary context, visual memory landscape is an important touchstone vital to the healing process.  It is through our ability to confront and acknowledge grievances, suffering, achievements, successes and contributions that we are able to advance both our individual and collective healing.  For more than 500 years, aboriginal peoples have been relegated to the margins of mainstream society, manipulated and packaged into a Fourth world concept and made to feel displaced in our own homeland.  Although many aboriginal peoples are still trapped in a state of denial, with poverty playing a significant role maintaining this mind-set, many others like Niro, are negotiating a way out of the grieving cycle.

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