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Michael Belmore, Fly By Wire

Michael Belmore, Fly By Wire. 2001

As with many things from the past, our ability to decipher and understand their true meaning have either been lost or confused along the way. Western society has fostered many advances over the previous centuries which eventually lead us to our current reality. We live in a society that is increasingly defined by a simple language of 1s and 0s. A language that is not readily understood by the mass of individuals who use technology. Todays environment has at times left us disjointed and removed from ourselves. It is this distance from things that have relevance to our lives that is being addressed in this exhibition. Michael Belmore graduated from the Ontario College of Art in 1994. His work, which utilizes diverse materials including acrylic, metal, wood, photography and text has been exhibited nationally since 1988. Belmore is of Ojibway heritage and currently lives near Minden in the Haliburton Heighlands.

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