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Frank Shebageget , Quantification

Frank Shebageget , Quantification. February 2003

Frank Shebageget, Ojibway, is a sculputre/installation artist that employs a variety of materials to arrive at a comprehensive presentation of idea and aesthetic.  Elements such as wood and copper are used for their formal properties as their historical and cultural implications.  In exploring issues of native culture and its representations, his works have dealt with the idea of repetition.  With elements of quantification, in the form of statistics (eg. population and death rates), repetition empowers the objects and space,  creating an environment that reveals the voids in his identity.  A way of understanding culture is to comment on what is missing.

His focus on inter-cultural history attempts to locate positive connections that have been established between native and non-native cultures, without falling into tropes of stereotypical issues about native culture.  The execution of his work, physically and conceptually is an essential element of the repetition and mass production.  Both of the latter artistic elements form part of a larger critical conversation about the production and consumption of contemporary Aboriginal art.

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