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Warren Arcan, Horse Trench

Warren Arcan, Horse Trench. 2007


When Warren was first invited to do a performance with Tribe he thought about grass.  Then he thought about his Grandfather who was a veteran of the first and second world wars.  He is from Muskeg Reservation by Blain Lake SK.  As Arcan explained that they are from Muskeg referring to himself and his grandfather he also explained that he had only met his grandfather once.  Then being on or in the land..he further thought and decided he didnt really know what he meant when he said Land and decided he would like to be a horse.

For First Nation Plains culture the horse and land were and still are very significant.  During the fist and second world wars many First Nation men and women joined the army in order to feel a sense of freedom.  Arcan through his performance spoke to the treatment and trauma of war experienced by First Nation veterans.