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Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa, Nu Muxum, Nu Nim-Mam/ My Navel, My Great-Grandfather

Naufus Ramirez-Figuero,  Nu Muxum, Nu Nim-Mam / My Navel, My Great-Grandfather. 2006

Nu Muxux, Nu Nim-Mam / My Navel, My Great -Grandfather is a process-based performance inspired by stories of the artists great-grandfather, Simeon de la Cruz, who was a ceremonial dancer and active figure in the Quiche and Ladino community of Joyabaj, Guatemala.

The performance will be enacted outdoors, where Ramirez-Figueroa will draw out a navel in the earth.  Through this process, Ramirez-Figueroa will actively meditate on the systems of meaning embedded in Maya-Quiche dance-drama and utilize its symbolic structure to reconsider mestizaje (half-breedness), cultural identity, power and history.

Biography:  Since 1998 Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa has actively participated in  Vancouvers art scene with visceral and playful installations and performances.  Ramirez-Figueroa grew up in Guatemala City during the countrys most violent years of conflict.  His early experiences of militarism are conflated with larger dialogue related to ethics and interpersonal relations in his work.  Ramirez-Figueroas work addresses subjects such as colonialism, folkloric culture, familial history, socio-political forms of violence, experiences of the Diaspora and the effects of globalization.