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High Tech Storytellers Festival, 2000

High Tech Storytellers Festival was hosted by Tribe in Saskatoon from May 22-27, 2000.  The Festival explored a central theme of contemporary artists who use storytelling with technology as a creative medium.  Invited artists included Rebecca Belmore, James Luna, Edward Poitras and Lori Wiedenhammer and three Saskatchewan based artists Cheli Nighttraveller, Carolyn Mieli and Steve Heimbecker.  The festival took place over a period of a week with performances and installations by Rebecca Belmore, James Luna, Edward Poitras and Lori Weidenhammer.  High Tech Storytellers included residencies, panel discussion, installation, performance and cabaret.

Rebecca Belmore,  The Indian Factory, 2000

Rebecca Belmore opened her performance installation The Indian Factory at AKA Gallery on May 25, 2000.  Belmore      created a site-specific installation that dealt with the recent Native men whose lifeless bodies were found on the outskirts of  Saskatoon by the power plant.  Belmore did one hour long performance and during this time also created an installation.  This installation was very intense to watch as it dealt with such a sensitive issue that had still not been resolved in the city of Saskatoon at that time.  During the performance Belmore brought the audience to tears.


James Luna, The Chapel of the Sacred Colors, 2000

James Luna’s installation was installed at the Snelgrove Gallery and opened on May 26, 2000.  Luna’s newest installation work, “THE CHAPEL OF THE SACRED COLORS” premiered at the festival. The centerpiece of the chapel is Luna’s photographic work “THE SACRED COLORS” which speaks to traditional Native concept of cultural origins and color designation.  The sacred colors are red, yellow, black and white lining the walls of the space and objects set brought images of the Stations of the Cross to mind.  Each of the objects were parodies of Native regalia and pop culture icons.  The installation had an audio recording, which invited the viwers to sit and mediate in the brightly colored space.