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James Luna, Collage: thoughts, dreams and hallucinations

James Luna, performance: Collage: thoughts, dreams and hallucinations. Oct. 1997       

James Luna is a conceptual and performance artist, who forces viewers to reexamine Indian lives through the eyes of the Indian.  Luna, an expert at parodies throws Indian stereotypes back in the viewers faces and uses himself as a two way mirror, to view himself as well as show ourselves as we are.  He uses humor and irony (much like story tellers of previous generations) to relate stories without romance or cliche.


Dana Claxton, Buffalo Bone China

Dana Claxton, Buffalo Bone China. 1997

A performance/installation by Dana Claxton.  This was the first in a series of ongoing projects that explore time from a First Nations perspective.  It debuts with an investigation of the boundaries between Aboriginal performance art and visual art: where an installation ends and a performance begins. What the performative aspects of visual art is and what remains after the performance.