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Judy Anderson, Mediating Violence Offsite Public Art Project

Judy Anderson, Mediating Violence Offsite Public Art Project. 2002

Jeff Thomas, Mediating Violence Offsite Public Art Project

Jeff Thomas, Mediating Violence Offsite Public Art Project. 2002

In partnership with AKA, this exhibition of works were displayed in media-driven venues around Saskatoon. These venues included street ads, newspaper or magazine ads,  television spots or bus shelters. The theme of the exhibition surrounds violence and the effect it has on our communities.  The project approaches the notion of The Media as venue of cultural change, not simply a reflection of it.  Jeff Thomas was asked to participate in this project and the images shown are his.  He is a photographer and muli-media artist based out of Ottawa.  He uses photography as a tool to confront and change stereotypical images of First Nations people. He examined contemporary Indian identity from the perspective of an insider, juxtaposing his own current images to the historical representations that have helped to create the stereotypes if First Nations People.

Colleen Cutschall, The Stargate Codices

Colleen Cutschall, The Stargate Codices. February 2002    

Colleen Cutshcall began her training with noted painter Oscar Howe in the late 1960s.  Graduating with a B.F.A. from Barat College in Illinois in 11973, and a M.S. Ed. from Black Hills State College in 1976, she has taught and worked extensively in integrated curriculum development.  Primarily a painter, Cutschall has also developed a technique which replicates elaborate beadwork and often works in installation. Cutschall uses both natural and new materials and her research into First Nations ritual, cosmology, mythology, astronomy and current issues are developed into works intended to educate and lay the critical foundations for a globally sustainable future.  Her work is inspired by a distinctly Lakota world view and enhanced by the exploration of other cultures and religions.  Stargates and portals mediates between the traditional beliefs of a people and the uncertainty of histories past and future.